logan morris "Thanks to the Brace Place, my son has an excellent smile for his senior pictures."
-Kathie Morris (son Logan Morris pictured on the right)

"I may not have been to other orthodontists, but from what I hear from my friends and family, The Brace Place seems the best.  Every time you walk in you are greeted with a smile, shich always starts your day off right.  Couldn't ask for a better staff!!"  Diane E.

"The staff at The Brace Place are an extrordinay bunch that lighten my day considerably and make appointments extremely amusing.  Their service is excellent and they always do their very best to make their patients comfortable.  Every appointment and staff member exceeded my expectations considerably.  I'm very glad to have The Brace Place as my orthodontists." Chyanne M.

"Very professional, everyone is so nice and they explain everything so well.  I highly recommend them!" Seth M.

"Consistently Captivating!  There is a big difference between "Who...cut your hair?" and "Awesome new hairstyle!'  In like fashion, comparisons in the orhtodontic realm are made every time you flash those pearly whites.  Having yet another teen (#5) in brackets reminds me of the timeless quality and skill invested into each child's smile.  The result being "Your kids have such amazing smiles with perfect teeth."  When opportunity strikes at such times as these, I quickly inform my audience that the captivating smiles were not automatic, but the result of a long term partnership between a skilled orthodontic team.  The Brace Place, and my children.  Together they have produced consistently captivating smiles."  Josie S.

"My son feels very comfortable, he likes how nice everyone is and that's what matters to him. I am happy with the way I have been informed on what is going to take place and when."
Sarah Churchill

"I can't express how wonderful our time during my son's treatments has been with The Brace Place. We have always felt every visit to be pleasant and very friendly. Not only are the doctors extremely kind, patient and gentle, they are also very knowledgeable and require perfection in their work! There were days where Dr. Quas would call Jesse to just say "Hello" and "How are you feeling?" That really meant a lot. I also want to mention how wonderful the front office and assisting staff are. They are always happy to see us! Thank you to The Brace Place. A beautiful smile is worth a thousand words!"
Helen Sanderson

"We Love You Guys!"
Debbie Martorano

"We just love it here! The honesty is great. I love that we don't feel taken advantage of, which unfortunately we have been elsewhere. You have a great staff and we think the best of you! Keep up the good work. The doctors are always wonderful and never rushed, which I love!"
The Goff Family

"I just really appreciate everyone here and the kindness you've shown to our girls. I know their parents would be so happy to know they get such great care. The doctors always go way out of their way to help us every time."
Allison, New Leaf Academy

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