Two-Phase Treatment

smiling boy with braces

What is Two-Phase Treatment?

Two-Phase Treatment is dividing a standard orthodontic case into two smaller segments, Phase I and Phase II.

Phase I Treatment between ages 7–10 can involve removable retainers or minor braces, even with baby teeth present. This phase can take as little as two months to eighteen months and reduces the time and complication of Phase II Treatment.

Phase II Treatment between ages 12–14 usually involves braces and can take ten to eighteen months.

Good news for parents: Two-Phase Treatment usually involves a standard fee divided into a first and second phase payment plan. In other words in our office the fee is not double.

  • Parents benefit by spreading payments throughout the two phases.
  • Patients benefit from shorter teenage treatment, less extractions and better facial balance.
  • Our orthodontists benefit by becoming famous when they make treatment more comfortable and affordable.

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